Pockets Lil Bit O Spark check_circle
AKC: DN31865702 check_circle Color: Blue Merle C/W DOB: Nov 22, 2009 Sex: M Hips: OFA Good
Pocket's Sizzle N Red N Hot check_circle
Color: Red C/W
DN40230701 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
Int CH Southern Cross Whats Your Alibi check_circle
Color: Red Merle C/W
D0544AG2912 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
(Northern Lights Red Deavon) Goforths Northern Lights Red Devon check_circle
MA202,231-09164 check_circle
Northernlights Orion
Northern Lights Kodiak Bear
(Southern Cross Charloise) Southern Cross Charolais check_circle
MA201,601-07224 check_circle
Waggin Tail Boomer check_circle
Waggin Tail Matilda check_circle
(Waggin Tail) Southern Cross Lil Josie check_circle
TAS201,603-07224 check_circle
Waggin Tail Boomer check_circle
MAS3622-08180 check_circle
Waggin Tail Russie
Woodcocks Sweet Peach
Waggin Tail Matilda check_circle
MA417,305311 check_circle
Woodcock's Jr. check_circle
Waggin Tail Red Rose
TMR Lucy Love check_circle
Color: Blue Merle C/W
DN34677001 check_circle
Rafter Bottle Busy Being Blue check_circle
Color: Blue Merle
TAS214,667-07139 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
Rafter Bottle Roper
Rafter Bottle Wrangler
Valhalla Rose Of The RBR check_circle
Rafter Bottle Cinderella
Rafter Bottle Mucho Moola
C Bar Little Bits Texas of Rafter Bottles
Int CH TMR Zoom Zoom Zoom check_circle
MA204,112-05315 check_circle
CH J'aime Blues Traveler check_circle
MA2018800 check_circle
Jaime Wolf
Jaime Maddison
Jensens Emma Dee
Waggin Tail Mighty Quinn
Indigo Magpie Waltzing Matilda