Away To Me Regal Rosie Raye (of Alta)
NAMASCUSA: B07SW4296 Color: Red C/W Sex: F
Int CH Southern Cross Check My Label check_circle
Color: Red C/W
MA206,336-0376 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
(Northern Lights Red Deavon) Goforths Northern Lights Red Devon check_circle
Color: Red C/W
MA202,231-09164 check_circle
Northernlights Orion
Hips: OFA Good
Wilmeths Bingo
Patchworks Kentucky Woman
Northern Lights Kodiak Bear
Hips: OFA Good
CH Patchworks Bluegrass check_circle
Rocky Mountain Rose
(Southern Cross Charloise) Southern Cross Charolais check_circle
Color: Red Merle C/W
MA201,601-07224 check_circle
Waggin Tail Boomer check_circle
MAS3622-08180 check_circle
Waggin Tail Russie
Woodcocks Sweet Peach
Waggin Tail Matilda check_circle
MA417,305311 check_circle
Woodcock's Jr. check_circle
Waggin Tail Red Rose
Pockets Vintage Jewel
Color: Blue Merle C/W
Hips: OFA Excellent

Int CH Blue Bell Hollow Strike it Rich check_circle
Color: Blue Merle C/W
M-943 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
Multi CH (Lashbrooks) Bing Bang Boom check_circle
DL81121401 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
(Ploens) Blaz N Pete check_circle
(Mayerhofers) Miss Toni Tot check_circle
CH (Bluebell Hollows) B B H Midnight Mystery check_circle
DL81297501 check_circle
Kent's Cisco Blue check_circle
Kent's Cisco Susi check_circle
Waggin Tail Shedaisey
Color: Black C/W
Hips: OFA Excellent

C Bar Little Bit TX Kid
Colemans Little Care Bear
Colemans Red Brandy
Scattercreeks Blue Bell
Wannabe Bandit of Scattercreek
Classie Slippers of Rocking Horse