NAMASCUSA CH ARBA CH Chandrea's Sizzln Hot Reba check_circle
AKC: DN33721601 check_circle Color: Red C/W DOB: Dec 24, 2009 Sex: F
CH Chandreas Ruff Terrain check_circle
Color: Black C/W
DN31521901 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
CH Bluegrass Boomerang of Chandrea CGC RA BN check_circle
Color: Red Merle C/W
DN31391201 check_circle
Hips: OFA Excellent
Int CH Cowtown Rodeo of Patchwork check_circle
DN31405701 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
Patchworks Rhinestone Cowboy
Patchworks I Love Lucy
CH Patchworks Fancy Bluegrass check_circle
DN31384801 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
CH Wannabe Just Ducky of AL check_circle
CH Patchworks Wild Rose check_circle
Watermark Stand Counted check_circle
Color: Black C/W
DN09828501 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
Watermark Politically Incorrect check_circle
DN02279807 check_circle
Hips: OFA Excellent
Fairoaks Aladar
Hearthside Watermarks Encore
Watermark Irresistible check_circle
DL89976103 check_circle
Hips: OFA Excellent
AKC CH Arboretum's Ilex Montana
AKC CH Hearthside Unforgettable
GCH Chandrea's Next Top Model HIC MVA-P10 check_circle
Color: Red C/W
DN31386001 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
GCH Taycins Radiant Red Rogue check_circle
Color: Red Merle
D0621RW2595 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
GCH Taycins Black Bear of Thistle Creek check_circle
DN38404801 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
#1 A.S. NAMASCUSA CH Taycin's First Edition check_circle
NAMASCUSA CH Taycins Moonlight Affaire of Twin Pines check_circle
MASCA GCH Mar-A-Lagos Flying Ember check_circle
B0130TL1562 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
Bluegrass Champagne Irish Creme check_circle
Mar-A-Lagos Arien Heir Affair
GCH Patchworks Chandreas Summer Breeze check_circle
Color: Red Bi
B0442MC2376 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
CH Patchworks Gabriel Blow Your Horn check_circle
D0033LP1604 check_circle
Hips: OFA Good
CH Carlins Tazmanian Devil
CH Patchworks Fortune Cookie
Patchworks Fire N Ice check_circle
B9831LP1602 check_circle
Hips: OFA Excellent
Scattercreek Urban Cowboy
CH Patchworks Wild Rose check_circle